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September, 2016 Paph, Phrag, and Species Seedling and Divsiion Availability List

September, 2016 Paph, Phrag, Epidendrum, and Trichopilia Flask Availability List

September, 2016 Zane's Epiphytic Cacti Availability List


IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: Our new e-mail is woodstream3@verizon.net.

Dear Orchid Friends,

We are excited to release the plant and flask lists for delivery beginning in early September. We have never been more pleased with our lab production, greenhouse growing, and contract growers. Please click on the links above to view our offereings.

That said, the first part of the year was a challenge for our small business. We had a great show season, despite wind damage to our greenhouse in February. Our spring was tempered by the passing of Bill's father Dr. Ralph H. Goldner in May two months shy of his 101st birthday. Ralph was part of "The Greatest Generation" and served with Patton's Third Army in World War II before starting a family and a long career as an academic. We are grateful for the patience of our customers, as we had to focus on family for a couple of months.

We recently completed needed repairs and maintenance on the greenhouse in Maryland, and completed a total inventory after repotting most of our breeding plants. WOW! We have reason to be excited, as many of our own crosses are reaching maturity, along with terrific additions from the Krull-Smith/June's Orchid Estate Phragmipedium collection.

Zane will be seven in September and is starting first grade. His jungle cactus business has really taken off, and visitors to our nursery in Maryland marvel at the extensive collection of epiphytic cacti now in cultivation. Zane is propagating these from seed and cuttings. A list is above, and we are working on an upgraded list with photos. Hanging baskets and other foliage and succulents are available at the nursery.

Our newest addition Leo (golden retriever) is now a dynamic 85 pound nine months old. If you visit the nursery he will capture your heart (and your sandwich if you hold it too low). Security dog Spicepup is so happy to have a friend.

Please take a look at our lists and email quickly to make a reservation. We will begin shipping in early September, and have added staff to help with shipping. We will be at the National Capital Orchid Society Show at Behnke's Nursery in Laurel Maryland October 7-10 and at the Phipps Garden Center in Pittsburgh, October 14-16 for the Orchid Society of Western Pennsylvania October Orchid Fest. We will be glad to deliver plants to either event.

Save the dates: - The Woodstream Orchids Peak of the Blooming Season Open House and Sale will be Saturday and Sunday January 14-15, 2017 (snow date the following weekend).

- The Paphiopedilum Forum has a new date!!! The Forum will be held Saturday January 28, 2017 at the US National Arboretum
Confirmed speakers are: Dr. Holger Pernar, Hengduan Mountain Biotech from China and Sam Tsui, Orchid Inn, IL. Both will be brining plants for sale.

Thank you for sharing your interest in orchids (especially Paphs and Phrags) with us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Bill, Lynn, Zane, Spicepup, and Leo

Introducing ZANE'S ORCHID COMPANION PLANTS (Epihyitic Cacti, Bromeliads, Foliage). Coming very soon to the web site and already available at the nursery: beautiful species of epiphytic (jungle) cacti and bromeliads, that often share tree branches with many orchids. The cacti include Rhipsalis, Lepismium, Epiphyllum, Disocatus, Selenicereus, Pfeiffera and other genera. We have over 100 species in cultivation. These have been a huge hit with garden clubs and others who love plants, but not necessarily orchids. Most are great house plants with unique plant arcitecture, usually no spines, and often flowers ranging from insignificant to stunning. Zane really has worked closely with Bill to propagate these cacti from cuttings and seed. 75% 0f the money from Companion Plant sales goes into Zane's savings account, and the remaining 25% is available for him to use for his LEGO collection. Send us a note for an availability list if you are interested.

New Ordering Information - To place an order please send us an e-mail with the plants listed you wish to order. We will confirm availability via return we-mail and at that point will request shipping address and payment information. Credit card orders will be taken over the phone (410-610-6697). We will be glad to call you to get your credit card information. Please be patient. If your order is delayed beyond our stated two week window, we will make it up with bonus plants.

Woodstream Orchids (WSO) opened our Maryland nursery to the public for the first time on May 26, 2001 after over 10 years in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. WSO is open by appointment Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Many people express a desire to visit our nursery, and we request that you e-mail or call first, to ensure the nursery will be open.

Woodstream Orchids is located in Huntingtown in southeastern Maryland's beautiful Calvert County, between the Patuxent River and the Western Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, approximately 24 miles southeast of Washington, D.C. Capital Beltway and 24 miles south of Annapolis. Here are some approximate driving times from: Washington, DC Beltway (495) and Route 4 - 30 minutes; Reagan National Airport - 50 minutes; Silver Spring, MD - 55 minutes; Baltimore-Washington International Airport - 45 minutes; Baltimore, MD - 1 hour; Dulles International Airport - 1.5 hours; Richmond, VA - 2 hours; Philadelphia, PA - 3 hours; Pittsburgh, PA - 4 hours; New York, NY - 4.5 hours; Denver, CO - ~40 hours.

All images are copyright protected by Woodstream Orchids or David Lambert Images, and may only be used with permission.




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